Friday, November 18, 2011

I won!!

So I haven't updated in maybe forever. But that is not the point of this post... the point my dear friends is that I won!! Crazy cubicle dance party to commence shortly...

What did I win, why only a Bodymedia Fit Armband  from the lovely cantankerous Cranky fitness. I am so excited. In the past twoish months I have been up and down on the whole weight loss journey... more on a woohoo sugar, carbs, BACON kick then an eat right and exercise kick. Until... well, until I started on this winning streak!

First it was a month long personal trainer with Physzique Fitness. I have come to find out that everyone is a winner there. No, seriously EVERYONE can win a free membership for a month. And now I am on my second full week of attendance. So this new winning will hopefully get me even more excited about working out.

It is sad to say but my weight went up... gorging on friend foods and carbs will do that to you. But I have been being pretty consistent in the last two weeks. So in 10 months I will be attending a wedding for CM's sister, it will be the day before.

So there is that... and no photos today, but happy links and joyous cubicle dancing!

Much Love,