Saturday, September 17, 2011


Good Morning! This past week has been a whirl wind and to be honesty I have not been the best on eating for the past four days...

The eating went down hill starting with the opening of a gastro pub down the street. It is all organic, green, has pasture raised, grass feed meats. 50+ beers on tap, 40 botttles of wine, and a full bar with hard A. Needless to say it was amazing, I had the free range burger with yam chips... and that was the start to the downward cycle...

The folllowing evening I was on a HUGE studying track for an interview that I nailed! Got asked back for the second round. That is step one, now 4 more to go before I land the job! And land the job I will my friends... it is in the cards, wished on the stars and perhaps said a bijillion prayers.

The next evening I went to see Joan Jett with an old high school friend. We were third row from the front which made for a spectacular show. At the end Joan was throwing flowers out to the crowd and we were heading out to leave when we saw these crazy kids. They were having so much fun posing for pictures and enjoying the lime light that I had to snap a photo! 

And finally yesterday CM and I went on a date, again to the fair as he had never been. And we saw the most amazing demonstrations, including the infamous Vita Mix blender. But since I was way to wrapped up in the demonstrations to snap a photo I got one of the tupperware stand instead. Hahaha! After the fair extravganza we headed to see Contagion. AHHH- Mazing! And I never want to touch my face again.... ever... Ended the night with dinner at the Applebees down the street (open late on Friday and Saturday). I had a steak and veggies (not to bad right??) and CM had the burger and fries, I may have been oogling the bacon on his burger... maybe. Then he dropped me off at home and I feel into a blissful sleep only to awake and tell you my little blog about what adventures I went on this week. 


The SP Avenger

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